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What if you had a single source that enabled you to hold 52 weekly Trivia Night Quizzes where you select the questions that suit your audience, from a pool of questions for each quiz, and all questions come with fully verified answers? That is what we have created with the Quiz-Master Handbook, published in 4 volumes, each covering 13 weeks of Trivia Night Quizzes, providing you with a complete year of weekly trivia night quizzes..

  • 13 sets of 33 questions in each volume
  • each question in every set is on a different subject
  • the 33 subjects cover a wide range of popular topics for every audience mix
  • every answer has been verified
  • you choose which questions you want for your audience on any night
  • complete set of quiz guidelines for the Quiz-Master in each volume
  • complete guidelines on how to score each question in each volume

. Hopefully you find the questions well-balanced and you score in the 60-80% correct range.Sample Quiz Test which contains a typical set of 33 questions, on the same 33 different subjects in each of our quizzes, and which you can answer at your leisure. Then, check how well you did with in the test against the Sample Quiz Answers

Quiz sets are priced at $4 per set and are batched into 13-set volumes, at $52 per volume.

Is that a fair price? Quiz-Masters hired by commercial venues, like restaurants and bars, are usually paid at least $50 per trivia quiz night and up to $100 plus food and drink. At $4 per quiz, the cost-benefit is heavily in your favor. But, the biggest saving to every quiz-master is the avoidance of prep time. A well-structured quiz takes about 4 hours to research, proof and organize. So, unless you enjoy working for less than $1 per hour, $4 per ready-made quiz is an obvious no-brainer (trivia pun intended!).

Wholesale pricing is available for multi-volume purchases by churches, fraternal and charitable organizations in co-ordination with their own fundraising efforts. For details, contact us.

Order Online - look for the following color and product code:

     Quiz-Master Volume One

Each volume of the Quiz-Master Handbook will be transmitted to you, the purchaser, in PDF format, but with advanced IRM (information rights management) technology protecting the file. That will mean the file cannot be copied, printed, re-transmitted or shared.