Tag Details

  • all tags have the same universally recognized medic alert logo on the front
  • there are three versions of the reverse side - all three say "No BP No Needle" (no blood pressure cuff, no needle insertion) with the additional relevant wording "L.Arm" (left arm) / "R. Arm" (right arm) / "Arms" (both arms" depending on which side(s) lymph nodes were removed
  • both sides are debossed in pink
  • tag size is about 3/4" in side-to-side width, making it clearly visible
  • tags are stainless steel 304 and made to our own proprietary design
  • tags are wholly assembled in the USA from parts made in China
  • we use split rings as the connector between the body of the tag and the lobster clasp, as opposed to cheaper jump rings, so the tags will not pull apart
  • the paint used in the logo and lettering is lead-free 
  • tags are shipped via USPS, in a padded envelope, with delivery tracking
  • RETURN POLICY: within 30 days of receipt, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, return the tag(s) postage prepaid and we will replace your tags no questions asked

For those who wish to purchase one or more tags for themselves or a family member or friend, we offer the tags at $12.50 each delivered, with no additional costs of any kind. If the sale is to a Georgia resident, we will be responsible to account for the GA Sales Tax.

Tags are available at Wholesale pricing in batches of 16 tags, comprising 6 Left Arm, 6 Right Arm and 4 Both Arms, reflecting historical ordering patterns. Wholesale priced at $7.50 each, for a batch price of $120.00 in total, this offers the buying organization the opportunity to sell them on at MSRP of $12.50 for a gross margin of 40% per tag. Wholesale is available to both commercial and charitable organizations. Note: we do not enjoy the same margin since we pay in excess of 20% of the individual tag price in US postage.

Both Wholesale and Retail orders can be placed here.