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Following on from the response to our Breast Cancer support bracelets, many of the patients who have undergone lymph node removal during treatment asked if we could provide a medic alert I.D. tag to warn paramedics and other health care personnel of lymphedema risk. Patients who have had lymph node removal from their armpit area need to be careful not to apply pressure, such as a blood pressure cuff, or any needle penetration to one or both of their arms. The risk is that lymphedema can be brought on by these actions. Our medic alert I.D. tags, which we both designed and manufacture, present the perfect solution in a stylish and versatile format, at the right price.

These tags, because of their lobster clasp, are designed to be worn in many ways, totally interchangeable dependent on your chosen accessory:

Both these ways of wearing fall squarely within where paramedics and nursing staff will automatically look in situations where the patient cannot verbally communicate with the health professional.

When patients go for their routine check-ups, wearing the tag is a reminder to health care professionals not to use blood pressure cuffs and needles on one or both arms.

Our tags are made of stainless steel 304 and are therefore considered hypo-allergenic. As a tag, as opposed to a medic alert bracelet or necklace, the amount of contact with the skin is very much reduced and the problem of sweat and dirt build-up under bracelets is not present, thereby further alleviating risk of allergic reaction to nickel content.

The risk of lymphedema (incurable swelling in the arms) for breast cancer patients who have undergone underarm lymph node removal during surgery is ever-present. The risk is increased in medical situations with the use of a Blood Pressure cuff and any needle for either a blood draw or IV infusion on the affected arm. The unique I.D. tag we have designed can be worn with almost all existing bracelets the wearer owns and is certainly cost-effective.

We are proud to say that our I.D. tags are already being worn in 20 U.S. states.

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Tags are available at Wholesale pricing for 18 tags at $6.25 each (vs. $13.25 Retail) with 6 each of Left Arm, Right Arm, Both Arms in each single order, for a total of $112.50 per 18-count order, delivered.

Lymphedema tags are available at $13.25 each, delivered price - your choice as to Left Arm, Right Arm, or Both Arms text on the tag.

Order Online for both Wholesale and Retail - look for the following color and product codes:


     Retail - Left Arm

     Retail - Right Arm

     Retail - Both Arms