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What began simply as a one-off piece of jewelry gift to a patient, based on the Pink Ribbon allied with those experiencing Breast Cancer, is now seen to be a relevant and highly wearable sign of motivational support, under our trademarked expression "Pink Ribbon Wearers Take Heart", and is now offered at both wholesale and retail, including tie-ins to charitable organizations.                                                              Why this particular slogan? The pink ribbon has long been recognized as a symbol of Breast Cancer awareness but it goes farther for the patient and their family and friends. In speaking with patients, oncologists and support staff, the inner strength of the patient is relevant. Cancer is a challenge and you benefit from having the heart to fight the disease, every day.                                                               "Pink Ribbon Wearers Take Heart" is both a rallying cry and an expression of having taken on the challenge. 

For every single bracelet we sell at lowest MSRP Retail of $20.00 we set aside a fixed portion of the selling price to be a charitable donation, as follows. The $5.00 margin between that selling price and our wholesale price plus added shipping costs for a single item, will be set aside for a breast cancer charity. 

If the sale is made by direct referral (embedded link) from the website of a charitable organization we have a relationship with, the charitable donation set-asides will go to that charity. Those charities appear as a selectable item on our order form. If you have been referred, please choose that referral source as the designated recipient of the set-aside.

Even if you did not find us by referral, our order form allows you to choose a breast cancer charitable organization we have a relationship with to receive the charitable donation portion of your purchase.

If no particular charitable organization is selected, we will forward the charitable donation set-aside to a hospital known for specializing in breast cancer treatment.

All charitable donation set-asides will be forwarded, in full, to the designated organization within thirty days of receipt.

Both Wholesale and Retail orders can be placed online.

Breast Cancer patients who have had lymph nodes removed from their armpit area are susceptible to lymphedema in the arms. This can be brought on by the application of blood pressure cuffs to the arms or needle injections in the arm. To combat that risk, we have designed and now manufacture medical I.D. tags to warn paramedics and other health professionals not to subject one or both of the patient's arms to those risk actions. Please refer to our Lymphedema page to see the tags on offer, including an online order form.