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Globally, there should be no place in society for discrimination and a lack of tolerance for diversity, but it is allowed to rear its ugly head because too few people are prepared to challenge the verbal and physical bullying, which is the form in which lack of tolerance manifests itself. From bigoted talk in a private or a public forum, it needs to be strongly challenged. Time for people to show they will not support discrimination. Pro-Tolerance™ is a trademark solely owned by Varsity Anagram LLC, developed to do that, appearing on wristbands that are available to show you support, and have the courage to openly declare that you support, fair and equal treatment of each and every individual without any discrimination, regardless of how they might be different to you in any way, including, but not limited to:

  • physical appearance
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • economic standing
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • disabilities
  • religious beliefs
  • health status
  • political beliefs
  • national origin
  • addictions
  • social status

Therefore, being Pro-Tolerance™ means, for example, that you do not support bullying,
racial profiling, hate-mongering, etc. It is a simple concept that does not require you to do
anything other than consider how your words and actions might affect the lives, feelings and
general wellbeing of others around you and to reasonably promote those same standards
of consideration for individuals and groups of people amongst your friends and colleagues.

Does being Pro Tolerance limit your right to free speech? No, it does not. Everyone is entitled to state their opinions but it is the careless use of that right which many people need to consider curbing. It is too easy to say something in public without realizing that there are a great many gullible listeners who are easily swayed by idle rhetoric and will act in a harmful and discriminatory way based on bully pulpit words. When in doubt as to whether or not your words will incite an unhealthy mass reaction, please consider staying silent or at least qualifying the intent of your meaning.

The concept of this design uses a color swirl that blends base skin tones so this wristband reflects a world that is hopefully on its way to positive unification. The color fill uses teal because teal traditionally denotes life, emotional healing and trustworthiness. Just as no two individuals are the same, every one of these wristbands is different from all others since the swirl pattern is randomly created during manufacture. The alternative name for this wristband is CAMO, not just because the pattern is reminiscent of typical camo patterns, but because CAMO could easily be interpreted to represent the Caucasian/African/Mexican/Oriental primary ethnic origins in this country.

This wristband uses a coffee color to reflect that the world is a melting pot of ethnicities which should all be treated equally. With its simple debossed message this wristband is a more subdued way of stating the wearer's support of a Pro-Tolerance attitude.

The Pro-Tolerance™ wristbands are available in the two Standard designs shown here or can be made Custom with the addition of lettering on the outside of the wristband, opposite the slogan. That custom lettering can be used for the name of an association, school or college, activist organization, in memoriam of a victim, or in any other way tied in to Pro-Tolerance™.

Wholesale boxes, for both Standard and Custom wristbands, contain 100 wristbands each in the following color design and size mix, sent by USPS Priority Mail, at $10.00 per box.

  • Swirl (CAMO) with color-fill: 30 Large 30 Medium and 20 Small*
  • Plain (single color): 20 Medium
  • Total box quantity: 100 wristbands, in individual cellophane wrappers
  • Standard wristbands are $2.50 each, for a box price of $250.00 each
  • Custom wristbands are $2.50 each, with a minimum order of 10 boxes of 100 each

Standard wristbands are invoiced and payable 1/2 on receipt of order and 1/2 when ready to ship. If the full order is on hand, then the wristbands will be invoiced and payable on receipt of the order. Custom wristbands are invoiced and payable in full prior to the order being sent to production.

Sample Packs are also available and contain 12 Standard wristbands, at $3.75 each, for a per pack price of $40.00 per pack and USPS Priority Mail at $5.00 per pack. Each trial pack contains 9 camo wristbands (3 of each size) and 3 large plain wristbands. Sample Packs are invoiced and payable in full prior to the order being sent to production.

All Standard wristbands can be purchased individually at $5.00 each plus $2.50 for USPS First Class Mail

There is an online order form for these wristbands.