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On-A-Roll-Student™ is a concept designed to provide motivation to middle and high school
students who might not otherwise receive traditional recognition for their efforts in preparing
for graduation, college and adulthood. On-A-Roll-Student allows for self-motivation, the best kind and the kind most likely to provide ongoing results.

We draw what we see as an important distinction between On-A-Roll-Stuent and Honor Roll Student accolades. The latter is bestowed on students by a third party and is exclusionary in that it is usually grade based, not commitment based. On-A-Roll-Student displays self-motivation and is wholly inclusionary. If a student is committed to succeeding, the student personally bestows the accolade.

Dictionary definition: "on a roll" means "undergoing or experiencing sustained, even increasing, good fortune or success"

Our use of the term "on a roll" together with "student" is based on the idea that something which is rolling tends to continue rolling ...all the way to graduation!

Students display their commitment to best efforts in their education by purchasing and sporting an On-A-Roll-Student wristband, a multi-surface decal or licensed apparel.

Whilst the products are sold wholesale to schools, PTAs, alumni groups, etc., we strongly advocate that the student make the individual purchase at retail. That way, personal commitment to the concept is always demonstrated.

The wristbands come in three colors, namely Lancaster Blue, Maroon and Grey, colors that are low-key and which can easily combine with any clothing, from casual to full school uniform. Students can choose the whole set to match changes in their daily clothing. They are available either Standard or Custom, which allows for an additional short message on the outside of the wristband, such as the name of the school, college, team nickname.

Wholesale boxes, for both Standard and Custom wristbands, contain 200 wristbands each together with a point of sale display stand, in the following color and size mix, sent by USPS Priority Mail, all S&H included:

  • Lancaster Blue: 60 Medium* and 20 Large*
  • Maroon: 60 Medium and 20 Large
  • Grey: 30 Medium and 10 Large
  • Total box quantity: 200 wristbands, in individual cellophane wrappers
  • Wristbands are $1.50 each for a box delivered price of $300.00 each
  • Custom lettering is available, at no upcharge, for orders of at least 1,000 wristbands.

Retail/Trial packs are also available and contain 12 wristbands, at a per pack price of $18.75 delivered USPS First Class.

There is an online order form for these wristbands.

The decals are available as either Standard or Custom design, which allows for the school or college name to also be included.

The decals are bright white lettering on a clear vinyl adhesive background and are removable, working equally well on:

  • vehicle rear window - outside
  • laptop computer cover or tablet back
  • binders
  • basically any hard surface that is not white or very light in color

Wholesale boxes, for both Standard and Custom decals, contain 200 decals each and a point-of-sale display stand, sent by USPS Priority Mail, all S&H included:

  • Decals are $1.25 each for a box delivered price of $250.00 each
  • Custom lettering is available, at no upcharge, for orders of at least 1,000 decals.

Retail/Trial envelopes of 15 decals cost $18.75 delivered.

There is an online order form for decals.

Schools may wish to purchase the right to use the registered trademark slogan, either as an imprint or embroidered, on all types of apparel, such as t-shirts, sweat shirts, pants, caps, hoodies, jackets, etc. That slogan, which must not be altered, is depicted here and artwork will be provided to the school.

Since it is likely that the school will wish to use its own logo and colors, we do not provide the finished apparel product but license the right to use the registered trademark in return for a royalty/license fee based on the number of students at the school.

The license fee is $625 per school and gives the school a one-year license to use the slogan, on apparel only, an unlimited number of times.

A perpetual licence, again for apparel only, can be purchased for a one-time fee of $1,500* which fee is irrespective of the number of students at the school.

There is an online application form for the Apparel License.